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D.C. weather forecast shows hot, humid temperatures next 3 days

April 25, 2011 - 05:00 AM
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This warm streak isn't over by damn sight. Temperatures are expected to surpass 80 degrees during each of the next three days.

Not quite sous vide temperatures, but they'll do fine.

Could an Easter weekend be any nicer? Sure, there was a pesky tornado warning Sunday and Culpeper and Anne Arundel were pelted with hail, but D.C. proper defeated this foul onslaught like a bitey Caps' player fending off the New York Rangers. Under sun-splashed skies, anglers spider-webbed the Potomac with fishing line; the region's trails were teeming with bicyclists, their teeth gritty from newly arisen insect clouds. Just vegging out to sitcoms with the A/C cranked was scrumptious.

And this warm streak isn't over by damn sight. Temperatures are expected to surpass 80 degrees during each of the next three days. It might be a wet 80 degrees at times, either due to rainstorms or hot, soggy air that feels like dog breath. Expect meteorologists this week to be dusting off that summery term, “humidity.” Oh look – ABC7's Steve Rudin already has. “People will definitely notice a lot more humidity in the air. It will feel a lot more sticky,” he says.

A cold front is stalling over southern Pennsylvania, pushing warm air our way. Monday will likely be the crescendo in this mini heat wave, with high temperatures wavering between 82 to 87 degrees. If we hit that upper ceiling the heat will be 18 degrees above the average max. There's a chance that a thunderstorm could shadow the Shenandoah Valley but D.C. looks to avoid it at this point. (Latest forecast here.) The warmth loses some of its grip on the region Tuesday and Wednesday, but only by a few degrees. Then a cold front rushes through, probably on Thursday, a disharmonious chord that will dislodge the fevered temperatures and summon the threat of powerful thunderstorms.

So enjoy this weather while it lasts. If you're having any trouble doing that, perhaps this January post from Arlington's biking forums will make you appreciate what we got:

6.8°F at the house when I left this morning at 0545. Roughly 5.2°F out on the W&OD trail via. my Kestrel meter, and 12°F according to the bank clock in McLean at 0700. When I arrived, my helmet straps were ice, my facemask was white with ice, and for the first time ever, the INSIDE of my jacket was ice. That's right, my sweat froze to the inside of my jacket. Winter commuting is like a daily science experiment isn't it!

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