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D.C. weather forecast: Tornado warnings, severe storms possible

April 28, 2011 - 04:44 AM
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Another lick of potentially severe weather arrives in D.C. mid-morning or early afternoon. Fingers crossed there will be no tornadoes with this one.

A tornado watch issued for the entire Metro region has been extended until 3 p.m. Thursday after yesterday seemed to be the day that a tornado ate America. And this morning we could do it all over again… read on for more about that.

The D.C. region was visited by four reported twisters, more or less – meteorologists will head out today to confirm the number. One of these tornadoes apparently landed on the golf course of Andrews Air Force base, home of Air Force One. At the height of the storm, residents were seeing wall clouds of the magnitude Oklahoma farmers tremble at. Check out ABC7’s user-submitted photo gallery, or have a peek at this one created by a dude “chilling at Chipotle” in Clinton, Md. (Man loves him some burritos: “Yo Idk I was n Chipotle with 2 of my buddies and we saw that lol I was to hungry to leave lol.”)

But despite our rare tornadic weather, which arrived on the eve of the deadly 2002 La Plata tornado, in the wide view D.C. got off easy compared to the South. There were about 500 tornado, hail and wind reports nationwide as of 11 p.m. last night, a number that undoubtedly will go up. There was news of 53 deaths yesterday due to this storm. Just look at this funnel dominating Cullman, Ala., or this one tearing through Tuscaloosa, the latter growing to a mild-wide behemoth if witnesses are to be trusted. There were reports that one twister severed a power line at a nuclear plant, leaving much of the northern part of the state without power. (Which in turn blacked out a server that briefly disrupted our weather alerts in D.C.) And as per the Weather Channel, a 4 by 8-foot plywood board dropped from the sky in Gardendale, Ala., about 15 to 25 miles away from its suspected tornado overlord. Senior meteorologist Bob Ryan says that's totally possible.

This morning D.C. will face another round of brutal storms. A cold front trailing this system will move in and there could be more severe thunderstorm warnings or even tornado warnings in the mid-morning or early afternoon. Keep briefed with the latest ABC7 forecast and don't go out flying any kites.

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