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EF-4 tornado smashes St. Louis' Lambert airport (VIDEO)

April 25, 2011 - 07:00 AM
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During a foul-weather outbreak Friday a tornado bum-rushed St. Louis' Lambert airport. Here's what it looked like, from inside the terminal.

Two tornadoes bum-rushed St. Louis during a foul-weather outbreak on Good Friday that rated as the city's worst storm in four decades. The meaner big brother of the pair, which wielded EF-4 strength, left a trail of ruination 22 miles long and about half-a-mile wide. Recent estimates show 2,700 buildings damaged or destroyed in north St. Louis.

The bigger twister made mincemeat of St. Louis-Lambert International Airport, ripping a hole in the ceiling, smashing all the windows in Concourse C and pushing parked planes around the tarmac. Security cameras caught the chaos from inside the airport. In the video above, you can see what look like blue-shirted TSA officers booking it into the bathroom while debris is violently sucked up a hallway as if someone had opened the airlock on the Space Station. Strangely, a man chatting on his cellphone doesn't seem to mind in the least. Must've been an important call.

For more security footage plus an account of the suddenly tornadic airport, follow the jump.

Frontier Airlines employee Connie, uhm, Ladyman described the bedlam to local news station KSDK :

"The door started hissing and whistling and pressure started coming under the door. We said this seems unusual," she said.

Ladyman's coworker and a passenger ran to hold the door shut.

"My coworker says, 'I cannot hold this door any longer.' When they both moved, the steel door that was locked flew open. At that time I was standing by the computer. It literally picked me up. I'm 150 pounds," she said. "We all ran. There was a man looking out the window, he got glass on his front on his back. He had his shirt on ... I had a guy who was taken down there in a wheelchair. I've never seen a man run so fast in a walker in all my life."

While that sight was unfortunately not caught on tape, these scary scenes were. Look at how the rooms go dark before the tornado just slams into the building:

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