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The deadly April 27 storm system, seen from space (VIDEO)

April 27, 2011 - 04:12 PM
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Say hello to the storm responsible for D.C.'s tornado watches.... FROM SPACE. (Theme music from 2001 starts playing.)

Greet the storm that's responsible for D.C.'s tornado watches. The video tracks the system's movements from April 25 to today and was compiled using images from the NOAA/NASA GOES satellite. After sowing death in Arkansas earlier this week, the storm reportedly caused seven more fatalities today, many involving people crushed by falling trees. In D.C., the storm will not be nearly as severe. There is already talk of ending the tornado watch early.

Here's what NASA has to say about this video:

It shows the clouds associated with the low pressure area and cold front moving through the Mississippi and Ohio Valleys into the Tennessee Valley and eastward. The animation of imagery shows clouds associated with lines of powerful thunderstorms on April 25 and 26. On the night of the 25, the infrared imagery in the animation revealed that the thunderstorms held together and severe weather occurred in the central and southern U.S. On the night of the 26, the line faded at night when the daytime heating no longer powered the convection (rapidly rising air that forms the thunderstorms).

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