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11 tornadoes confirmed in the D.C. area from April 27-28 (List)

May 2, 2011 - 12:23 PM
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Here is a look at the list of the 11 confirmed tornadoes in the D.C. area with estimated wind speeds, path widths and lengths.

There were 11 tornadoes confirmed in the D.C. area last Wednesday and Thursday the 27th and 28th. This was all part of the same system that wreaked havoc across the south with 312 tornadoes reported and 344 people killed so far, making it the deadliest tornado outbreak since 1936. Tornadoes were rated on the EF Scale. Here is the list of the tornadoes through our area:

1)  EF-2 Tornado in Rockingham and Shenandoah Counties – April 28, 2:12am to 2:35am.
Wind Speed: 130 m.p.h.     Path Width: 400 yards     Length: 33.2 miles

2)  EF-1 Tornado near Staunton, VA in Augusta County – April 28, 2:31am to 2:36am.
Wind Speed: 100 m.p.h.     Path Width: 150 yards     Length: 4.0 miles

3)  EF-1 Tornado just north of Harrisonburg, VA – April 28, 3:01am to 3:02am.
Wind Speed: 90 m.p.h.     Path Width: 50 yards     Length: 0.9 miles 

4)  EF-1 Tornado just south of Harrisonburg, VA – April 28, 3:55am to 3:58am.
Wind Speed: 90 m.p.h.     Path Width: 150 yards     Length: 2.7 miles

5)  EF-1 Tornado in Nokesville and Bristow, VA – April 27, 10:47pm to 11:01pm.
Wind Speed: 90 m.p.h.     Path Width: 125 yards     Length: 5.2 miles

6)  EF-1 Tornado in Breton Bay, MD – April 28, 11:20am to 11:23am.
Wind Speed: 90 m.p.h.     Path Width: 50 yards     Length: 3.3 miles

7)  EF-0 Tornado in Reston, VA – April 27, 11:25pm to 11:28pm.
Wind Speed: 80 m.p.h.     Path Width: 75 yards     Length: 1.1 miles

8)  EF-0 Tornado near Middletown, VA – April 28, 3:45am to 3:49am.
Wind Speed: 70 m.p.h.     Path Width: 175 yards     Length: 4.3 miles

9)  EF-0 Tornado near Camp Springs, MD – April 27, 7:16pm to 7:17pm.
Wind Speed: 70 m.p.h.     Path Width: 100 yards     Length: 0.8 miles

10)  EF-0 Tornado in Westminster, MD – April 28, 7:46am to 7:47am.
Wind Speed: 65 m.p.h.     Path Width: 50 yards     Length: 0.6 miles

11)  EF-0 Tornado near Hampstead, MD – April 28, 8:09am to 8:11am.
Wind Speed: 65 m.p.h.     Path Width: 50 yards     Length: 1.1 miles

It was interesting to note that many of these tornadoes occurred in the morning hours on April 28th, showing just how strong this system was as that is typically the time of day when there is the least amount of instability in the atmosphere. The strongest tornado was the EF-2 that was on the ground for 33.2 miles from Rockingham County to Shenandoah County.

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