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Cold rain and Folklife hell: Your A-to-Z guide to D.C. weather

May 12, 2011 - 01:36 PM
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A complete guide to D.C. weather, from January (ugh) to October (yay!) to December (super ugh.)

Adventurers scout in search of precious, life-giving water in the hellish desert that is the Smithsonian's Folklife Festival on the National Mall. (Photo: Associated Press)

Can't get enough of local weather? Then head on over to for a thorough investigation of how the months of the year stack up in D.C., meteorologically speaking. Some excerpts:

• June. "This month is annoying, if only because it's when all the wizened locals lecture newcomers about how the real heat is yet to come."

• September. "Even in places that aren't Alexandria, people bundle up in fleece jackets. They walk their dogs in fleece, walk to work in fleece, go to stores in fleece, attend games and events in fleece, and do many other things in fleece."

• November. "The city awaits the year’s first appearance of falling frozen ice crystals as if it was a Chinese nuclear barrage."

• April. Pollen turns "weather-beaten Washingtonians' eyes red, their throats raw, and their noses itchier than Natwar Gandhi during a David Catania hearing."

Why go outside when you can read about what's happening outside from the comfort of your chair? Check out the guide now!

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