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Incredible washout on railroad tracks nearly swallows man (VIDEO)

May 5, 2011 - 01:02 PM
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A vast sucking hole created by a washout nearly swallows a railroad worker and turns a train track into a bridge over nowhere.

Warning: Profanity starts dropping around the 1:40 mark.

Weather! It strikes from above as hail and lightning. (Or, fake lightning.) But it also stages punishing attacks from below, as this episode of Humanity v. Weather demonstrates. In the video you see above, ostensibly taken in Stackpool, Ontario, a lone worker on the railroad tracks senses a tremor in the ground. He starts to back away just as the earth collapses inward into a vast sucking hole. In the space of seconds, what was once a double-track rail line has become a rickety bridge over nowhere. Fortunately, no trains show up at this moment.

The winner? Going to have to call this one for humanity. Although the worker suffered some brief psychological damage and shaky legs, in the end, as he says, this incident will likely transform into overtime pay.

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