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Joplin, Mo., tornado from inside a convenience store (VIDEO)

May 23, 2011 - 01:32 PM
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A terrifying video from inside a darkened convenience store as the May 22 tornado in Joplin, Mo., passed overhead.

There are now 90 reported deaths in the wake of Sunday’s “evil monster vortex” that hit Joplin, Mo. That number’s likely to grow as rescuers unpack massive rubble piles that used to be homes, hospitals and other safe places. The photos from the Joplin tornado Facebook page are unimaginably harsh – this used to be a helicopter. (Check here to find out how to help.) It will be a while before investigators determine the size of this twister. Right now, the guess is that it had the strength of an EF-4.

If you want to know what the horrible experience of being run over by an EF-4 feels like, the below video will give you a pretty good idea. The person who posted it says it was taken inside a Fastrip convenience store in Joplin. The worst part about it is the waiting – the crying in the dark, the counting of heads, the wondering of where the tornado might be. That last questioned is answered in a spectacular way around the 2:10 mark. And then it gets worse. I still can’t believe that someone ran into the store not even a minute before this thing hit.

Profanity warning: If you think cussing would not be aired during a tornado strike, you would be wrong. (Hat tip to Jeremy Binckes for sending the video.)

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