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The heat is back across the D.C. area

May 26, 2011 - 02:18 PM
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90 degree days are back in the forecast today through next week. Doesn't this take you back to last year?

Today, the D.C. area has reached the 90 degree mark through much of the region for the first time this year. This could be the first 90 degree day in D.C. since Sept. 25 of 2010. Think back to last year, with it's the hottest summer on record that featured a record-tying 67 90 degree days in Washington, D.C. I know everyone is hoping something like that won't be witnessed again this summer.

If today is the first 90 degree day in D.C. this year, we are well behind the first 90 degree day in 2010, which occurred on April 6. Here are the three previous years:

09 - April 26

08 - June 7

07 - May 26

Oddly enough, only 4 years ago we hit 90 degrees for the first time in D.C. on the same date!

So by this time last year, Washington already had 3 90 degree days, so we're really not that far behind. With highs approaching the 90 degree mark Sunday through next Wednesday, we may be right up there with last year rather quickly. Our normal high for May 26th is 78 degrees.

Just a quick comparison though, this year hasn't been nearly as hot so far. In May 2010, the average temperature was 69.3 degrees, which was 3.7 degrees above normal. This year, it is 65.6 degrees, which is less than a degree above normal. Both January and March of this year were also below normal.

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