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Unusual twin waterspouts off Oahu, Hawaii (VIDEOS)

May 4, 2011 - 12:55 PM
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Dueling waterspouts thrashed the water off of Hawaii during a powerful storm Monday evening. Onlookers caught the incredible sight on video.

Southerners aren’t the only ones facing severe weather this spring. A vigorous storm system on Monday spurting lightning, hail and torrential rain knocked out power to about 60,000 people on Oahu, Hawaii’s most populated island. For the storm’s finale, twin waterspouts appeared in the ocean south of Oahu, crossing over one another in a strange, snaky dance. According to the National Weather Service, they lasted 12 minutes before vanishing into the ether. Here's another view of the waterspouts. (Interestingly enough, today Hawaii is under a winter-weather advisory for slippery ice on the roads of Mauna Kea.)

Dueling water spouts are unusual but no means unique; they have been spotted throughout the world. Here are some other videos of the curious phenomenon:

Waterspout bros menace beachgoers in Miami in April, 2005:

I have no idea where this freaky-deaky footage comes from, but it rocks:

Waterspouts gyrate in Long Island Sound, off of Miller Place, in 2008. Says commenter gamr822: “i remember this day because there was no rain b4 the spouts then it sounded like a train was on the street behind me and like 10 mins after the spouts there was crazy hail. This day was so cool!”

Two spouts thrash the water near Panama City, Oct. 2007:

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