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Airplanes nearly crash trying to land in crosswinds (VIDEO)

June 16, 2011 - 05:00 AM
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Warning: Just watching this video of planes trying to land at Stockholm Arlanda Airport during strong crosswinds might trigger a vomit reflex.

That doesn't seem right.

Warning: Just watching the video below might trigger a vomit reflex. Purportedly recorded at Stockholm Arlanda Airport in Sweden (where children can ride on a field mouse and pick giant blueberries), this stomach-somersaulting compilation shows airplanes trying to land while being brutally manhandled by nasty crosswinds. They look like those cheap models used in B-movies that jitterbug on strings from a puppeteer's unsteady hand, except this is real.

Stockholm's gusty Arlanda has inspired a small genre of footage depicting jet passengers in peril: see here and here for airplanes rearing away from the runway like dogs getting a whiff of some cayenne pepper. The airport's website states that the "combination of weather that Stockholm Arlanda finds it most difficult to handle is strong side winds, slippery conditions plus poor visibility." However, it has never closed due to snow, an accomplishment the icy country can lord over Dulles.

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