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Lightning and fire melt side of Calvert County house (PHOTOS)

June 10, 2011 - 01:56 PM
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A bolt from the blue dug into a Chesapeake Beach home yesterday, setting it alight. The homeowners credit a Good Samaritan with saving their lives.

Another view of blackened wood.13 Photos
(Photo: Cheryl Emery/The lightning strikee | Date: Jun. 10, 2011)

Last night, as thunderstorms raged over the Chesapeake, a lightning bolt crackled in the yard of a Calvert County homeowner. The electric bullet apparently set a tree alight, and the fire spread to a nearby shed, consuming it and its contents entirely. The heat was so intense that it melted the siding of the attendant house, as you can see in the photo gallery.

The homeowner, longtime Chesapeake Beach resident Chery Emery, credits a Good Samaritan who woke her up at 1:30 a.m. with saving the lives of everyone inside the house. Now she's looking for this man so she can thank him. If you know who he is (or if you are him), please get in touch at WJLA's HQ phone, (703) 236-9480.

Here is Cheryl's account of her wild night:

"Around 1:30 this morning (Friday) myself... and my 2 daughters (Shannon & Shaelyn Emery) were awakened by a loud pounding and yelling at our front door (we live in a pretty rural area) just outside on North Beach/Chesapeake Beach area of Calvert County. A man was yelling, 'Get out! Get out! Your house in on fire!' and then saying that he had already called the North Beach Fire Dept and that they were on their way...he ran to the bottom of our driveway to direct the fire engines to our house....and we never saw him again - we didn't recognize him in all the panic.

I am searching for him to give him a hug - he most likely saved our lives. My husband... was at work at WASA in D.C. We do not have fire hydrants in our area of Calvert County, Md. , so any delay in getting the Fire Dept here (uses pumper trucks?) would have caused more damage to occur - even our injury or deaths. The hour long severe thunderstorm was filled with numerous booms from thunder. The electricity also went off for a period of time. Lightning apparently struck a large tree close to our 8' X 12' shed - splitting the side of the tree and catching the shed on fire...the flames went 30 - 40' in the air - destroying the shed and all it's contents AND melting the side of our house - the same window where my daughters were sleeping can be seen in the pictures... the shed had been built by our deceased son-in-law before he suddenly died several years ago.

The contents of the shed were varied - outside Christmas deco, tools, lawnmower, SNOW BLOWER ;-) , etc."

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