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Record-breaking heat possible in D.C. the next few days

June 8, 2011 - 04:10 AM
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Record breaking heat is possible over the next couple of days as highs again eclipse the mid 90s.

The heat (no, not Dwayne and Lebron) is back in full control of the Mid Atlantic over the next couple of days and record highs are possible with temperatures forecast to reach the upper 90s. A few places may even reach the 100 degree mark. After a bit of a cooler early Spring, April and May have been well above normal for temperatures and June appears like it will continue that trend. Out of the past 31 days, 27 of them have seen temperatures at or above normal at Reagan National Airport.

Here are the records for the next few days:

Wednesday:                                   Thursday:

DCA - 98 (1999)                             DCA - 102 (1874)

IAD - 97 (2007)                               IAD - 96 (1999)

BWI - 97 (1999)                             BWI - 98 (1933)

Wednesday's highs should be comparable to the records and may be able to break them but we could be close. Thursday looks like it will be tough to do at Reagan National as 102 seems to be a little out of reach. The record should go down at Dulles though as 96 seems like a sure thing.

A Heat Advisory is in effect on Wednesday from Noon to 8pm everywhere east of the Blue Ridge and I think it will again be posted on Thursday. It's just downright unsafe to be outdoors too long on days like these, so be sure to drink those fluids (water or sports drinks) and try to exercise inside or maybe in a pool if you can.

Tourist David Alumbaugh from Illinois has the right idea: He plans to “drink a lot of water" tomorrow, and the Alumbaugh family is adjusting their plans. "We talked about doing more museums inside if we can," said Allison Alumbaugh.

At this time last year there were 8 days above 90 degrees. So far this year  at Reagan National Airport there have only been 5. There were also 18 days at or above 90 degrees last June, and I am sure there are many more to go this June, but am hoping this summer won't be anything like last year. The extended forecast shows temperatures back into the 80s this weekend into the middle of next week.

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