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Tornadoes go wild in Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa on June 20 (VIDEOS)

June 21, 2011 - 03:15 PM
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Frantic Midwesterners called in 46 tornado reports during an outbreak of forceful storms on Monday. Here's what some of those tornadoes looked like.

A tornado spawns on June 20 near Elm Creek in the center of Nebraska (Courtesy of Bryce Kintigh)

Tornadoes had a healthy meal of corn, soybeans and train track yesterday during an outbreak of severe weather in the Midwest. The Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Okla., logged 46 reports of twisters in Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa and North Dakota, though many of those call-ins were no doubt multiple people viewing the same tornado. In Nebraska, crops were destroyed, irrigation pipes left hanging from power lines and a grain bin was found wrapped around a power pole.

Preliminary weather data indicates that 76 tornadoes have flown down from turbulent skies this June. Expect many more. The average for the month (averaged over the last three years) is 296. In an amazing bit of climate trivia, the preliminary number of tornadoes as of June 15 this year (1,482) is already more than the number of actual tornadoes in 2010 (1,282) and 2009 (1,156). We'll have to wait to see how that number changes when all the facts are known, but still  – it's been a hellacious year.

For evidence, look no further than these videos taken in the midst of Monday's outbreak. I couldn't find footage of the suspected twister in Kossuth, Iowa, that caused this damage, according to the SPC: "HOUSE HAD WALLS BOWED IN AND OUT. PART OF ROOF OFF HOUSE. MOTOR FROM A GRAIN AUGER LAUNCHED INTO ATTIC OF HOUSE." But this dashcam footage from York, Neb., is berserk:

An early assessment by the local National Weather Service office suggests that there were "two distinct corridors of tornado-producing storms" in Nebraska. This panorama showing two tornadoes was filmed on Highway 34, also in York County:

Here a stovepipe-looking tornado materializes out of a wall of white mist west of Omaha, Neb.:

And this vid shows a tornado spinning east of Almena, Kan. Imagine sipping on some fine pink lemonade in your backyard and then all of a sudden this thing pops its head over the roof of your house:

And for a change, here's a wall cloud over Omaha:

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