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Two tornadoes confirmed in Harford County on Sunday, June 12

June 15, 2011 - 12:09 PM
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A pair of EF-0 tornadoes grabbed and snapped dozens of trees in Maryland's Harford County this past weekend.

A tornado on May 19 in Worton, Md.

When a puffed-up storm system billowed over town on Sunday, here are some of the things people reported to the authorities: hail raining down in St. Mary's County like a flurry of pennies, seriously damaged mobile homes in Virginia's Augusta County and dozens of trees uprooted and tossed like matchsticks in locales north of Baltimore.

When all the flash and bang was done, investigators fanned out to survey the damage. Their conclusion: The D.C. region experienced two more tornadoes.

These were relatively weak ones, though, rated at EF-0 strength. The first touched down around 4:07 in Street, Md., about 75 miles northeast of the District. It drove a 1.7 mile-long path into the ground but didn't bulldoze any structures. Then, 20 miles away and 40 minutes later in Belcamp, Md., another twister wound winds into an 80 m.p.h-hour dynamo that took out about 3 dozen trees near a historic property, which came out of the storm unscathed. 

The visibility on the Bay Bridge wasn't so great that Sunday:

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