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Cooler weather arrives in D.C., but don't get comfortable

July 14, 2011 - 05:00 AM
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D.C. residents will get a few days to lick their sunburn wounds; however,utter solar heck could be unleashed next week.

It's cooler today... but look at the 6 to 10 day temperature forecast. (Climate Prediction Center)

Lines of thunderstorms that strutted in yesterday, poking the Mid-Atlantic with lighting and showers before running out to the ocean, cleared the way for some beautiful high pressure to reenter town for a while. Temperatures today are expected to fall below normal levels into the mid-80s, and lightly clouded skies should take some of the ouch out of walking outdoors, an activity that lately has had many people feeling like bagels dropped into a toaster oven.

That high pressure will stick around and create a blessed gap in the Summer of 2011's nefarious Operation Roast 'Em All. Fair skies, temperatures in the 80s and humidity that's totally bearable is expected to last up to Saturday night. Then, well, things could get sticky and icky again. While our ABC7 extended forecast is smart in not going beyond seven days – it's pretty hard telling what happens that far in advance – a worrisome forecast from the Climate Prediction Center indicates that D.C. is in for some more wretched, above-average heat next week. Check it out above.

And although we don't go beyond 7 days, other sites do. Here's the 10-day forecast from the Weather Channel. Keep checking the forecasts here for the latest on this potential slip back into purgatory.

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