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A historically hot summer shows no sign of surrender

July 31, 2011 - 12:03 AM
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After a hot, but comfortably dry Saturday, the weekend closes with more sunshine, a bit more humidity, and yet another ninety degree day.

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This Afternoon: Partly Sunny, Hot, A Bit More Humid

Highs: 90-97 | Wind: NE 4-7

Tonight: Mostly Clear & Warm

Lows: 69-75 | Wind: SW 5

Monday: Partly Sunny, Hot, PM Storms

Highs: 91-97 | Precipitation: 30% Chance

While yet another daytime high record was threatened yesterday, the mercury halted at 97, just 2 degrees shy of the 99 degree all-time high for Saturday at Reagan National.  But with northwesterly breezes all day and a front to the south of the area, dew points dropped into the 50s and turned Saturday into a classic summer's day.  The bright blue skies beckoned as humidity took a holiday!  Today is similarly hot with highs heading for the mid to upper nineties. Dew points started out high, but like yesterday, are falling into the comfortable range.  With the frontal boundary near the Virginia/North Carolina border, areas to the south of DC are seeing more clouds today along with higher dew points and some rather heavy showers south of Richmond. As that frontal boundary moves north tomorrow, the entire area  could see thunderstorm activity in the afternoon.

Although cooling showers are possible both tomorrow and again on Wednesday and Saturday, the coming week is not expected to see any real decline in the rainfall deficit nor any abatement of this summer's searing heat.  We are currently at 13 consecutive 90 degree plus days with the prospect of 7 more this week.  With 38 such days already this summer, we could threaten the 67 ninety plus days recorded during last year's hottest summer ever.  Whew!  Try to stay cool today on this last day of July - mercifully, there are no heat advisories or air quality issues - and feel encouraged that there is just one month left to this summer of extraordinary sizzle!

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