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Blasted heat returning to D.C. with a vengeance next week

July 15, 2011 - 03:00 PM
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Arm yourself with Super Soakers and water balloons, D.C.; the forces of summer are regrouping.

The heat-index forecast for next Thursday shows a 70 percent chance of temperatures that feel above 100 degrees. Friday looks even worse. (NOAA)

Arm yourself with Super Soakers and water balloons, D.C.; the forces of summer are regrouping.

While this weekend should be pleasant enough with no repeat of last year's 90-degree-plus days, courtesy of a mass of high pressure wafting cool Quebecois air down to the Mid-Atlantic, a Jurassic-sized ridge in the jet stream* is looming on weather models for next week. The ridge pushes up in the middle of the country and then barges eastward, bringing stinging waves of heat back to D.C. It's likely to be steamy each day next week with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 90s, but of course with the heat index it'll feel hotter.

How hot? Judging by these daily maximum heat-index forecasts from the Hydrometeorological Prediction Center, the likelihood of forehead-wiping temperatures really starts ratcheting up on Thursday, with a 70 percent chance of heat that feels in excess of 100 degrees. On Friday, it's nearly 90 percent certain that the heat index will burn through the 100-degree ceiling in the District. The same day, parts of southern Virginia and both Carolinas are expected to blow past 105 feels-like heat. In more dismal news, ABC7's Bob Ryan says that "right now the last two weeks of July look like mid-to-high 90s every day here."

If you've been delaying turning on the A/C by taking cold showers before bed and sleeping in front of fans, 1) please e-mail me to describe how painful it's been, and 2) next week might finally be the time to bite the bullet and start racking up the electric bill with cooling, soothing artificial air.

* In the initial post I spelled this "scream," I guess because that's what the forecast makes we want to do?

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