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Foul, nasty hot weather resurges with a vengeance in D.C.

July 28, 2011 - 05:00 AM
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If you were upset during last week’s heat wave, then you certainly will find the rest of this week's 90-degree-plus weather extremely disagreeable.

Heightened probabilies of hot weather ahead! (NOAA/CPC)

Public fountains and reflecting pools will look mighty appealing today as steady deliveries of hot air begin to arrive in the District.

If you were upset during last week’s heat wave, which may have caused 64 deaths countrywide, then you certainly will find the rest of this week extremely disagreeable. Go ahead – leap into the Tidal Basin for a preemptive cool-off.

The culprit behind this heat repeat is an atmospheric ridge drifting across the southeast U.S. that’s blowing warm, moist wind our way. This afternoon, temperatures will crawl up into the mid-90s to make for an eleventh straight day in D.C. above 90 degrees. It’s growing more and more likely that this month will be the hottest July on record for this blighted city. And you’ll feel every hundredth of a degree Fahrenheit of it, thanks to humidity levels that seem to emit from god’s clothing iron.

Oh, and if you have asthma or other respiratory conditions, don't forget not to breathe today. There's a Code Orange air-quality alert in effect.

Friday is best not to speak about. But here goes: The heat index will hit the ceiling and a heat advisory will no doubt be issued as actual temperatures buzz around 100 degrees, melting ice-cream cones and faces across the region (or so it might seem to non-natives). The record high of 99 degrees in 1993 could very well topple as temperatures boil up in the heat-shrouded afternoon.

In times like these, don’t forget to hose down your leafy progeny. This is not good plant weather, unless you're a cactus farmer. Already about a quarter of Maryland is locked into some form of drought.

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