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Rotting human hair found on Delaware beach

July 11, 2011 - 12:42 PM
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A fisherman near Bethany Beach made a gruesome discovery this past weekend when he reeled in a catch of decaying human hair.

human hair found on delaware beach

Flotsam photo courtesy of Flickr user Rev Stan.

You won't find this listed in Alex Liggitt's latest Delmarva beach forecast. This Friday, a surf fisherman landed an unusual and entirely unwanted catch: a "palm-size quantity" of what looked like rotting human hair near Fenwick Island, Del., just a few miles south of Bethany Beach. Tangled up in the hairdo from the deep was a pair of Fossil sunglasses, some hair bands, a shark-tooth necklace and a thriving colony of sea life.

The miffed fisher conveyed the clump to state police, which turned it over to the medical examiner's office to determine if it does indeed come from a human head. Here's the relevant part of the police's press statement, complete with all the unpleasant details you'd expect from such a discovery:

The surf fisherman was on the beach just N/O Fenwick Island fishing, when his hook became entangled with debris. The 67 year old Graysonville Maryland fisherman inspected the items more closely and discovered it to be a quantity of hair, a pair of sunglasses, a shark tooth necklace and hair bands.

The items were not turned over to the State Police investigators until around 10 am this morning. Delaware State Police took custody of the found items and have made arrangements for the quantity of hair to be turned over to OCME for additional examination.

The condition of the hair is described as having a decaying odor with varying quantities of snails, small crabs and other sea life entangled throughout. The OCME will attempt to determine species and sex from the hair found.

Delaware State Police are continuing their investigation.

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