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No real relief from the heat as the nineties continue

July 30, 2011 - 11:30 AM
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We should avoid a repeat of the triple digits today, but heat, moderate humidity, and bad air quality will continue this summer of our discontent!

This Afternoon: Partly Sunny & Hot, Moderate Humdity

Highs: 93-97 | Air Quality: Code Orange

Tonight: Partly Cloudy & Muggy

Lows: 70-74 | Wind: N 5 mph

Sunday: Mostly Sunny, Hot, More Humid

Highs: 90-93 | Wind: NE 5 mph

As hot as yesterday was - and at 104 degrees at Reagan National, it was the hottest day in fourteen years - it did not feel as oppressive as last Friday, July 22, when the mercury hit 102. For while the heat index last Friday hit a whopping 120, yesterday's more moderate dew points kept the apparent temperature near 110. The sizzling temperatures set records at all three airports - Reagan's 104 joined BWI's 101 and Dulles' 103 - and have all but assured that this month of July will be the hottest ever since records began in the late 1800s. Reagan's average 84.2 is almost 5 degrees above normal and is a full degree above last year's July average; July, 2010's record as the hottest ever had a very short run!

Today is featuring  partly sunny skies, northerly breezes, and somewhat cooler temperatures. While the high could reach 96, we should avoid a repeat of triple digits both today and tomorrow. And with dew points staying in the 60s throughout the weekend, the humidity, while noticeable, will be moderate. Sunday's highs should be lower than today's, but still in the low 90s. With a front pushing through from the northwest, the drier regions will be from the District and north; central Virginia and lower southern Maryland could see higher dew points and a threat of isolated showers as a result.

Next week as we head into August, the weather is not expected to be markedly different from what we've been experiencing. Daytime highs in the nineties and nighttime lows in the mid 70s are likely through next Friday with a slight chance of showers on Monday and Friday. With the high heat and Code Orange air quality index, take it easy out there today. But know that you lived through history yesterday and that today isn't quite as bad!

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