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Train takes an eerie ride through overgrown forest (VIDEO)

July 7, 2011 - 12:18 PM
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Where did the railroad tracks go?

Summertime means the explosive growth of all things leafy, bark-encrusted and vine-trailing. If you're running a railroad, now would be a great time to hire crews with pruners and machetes. You know, to prevent derailment.

That message was apparently lost on whoever operates this train line, which goes through a god's-honest jungle so thick that solid ground disappears from sight. The lasting impression is a locomotive lost in the forest, roaming aimlessly to find its tracks.

Where this video was filmed is in dispute; some say Alaska, others the South for what appears to be kudzu hanging in the woods. Here's one guess from commenter Thane36425b:

I'm thinking Alabama, Mississippi or Louisiana. The rail companies abandoned a lot of rail in those states decades ago and they are trying to open some back up now that rail freight is doing better against long-haul trucking.

Of course, they also sold a lot of the rail for scrap and even the right of ways. They'll never get all of those back so a lot of the old lines will never come back....

Still, crazy as hell driving a train through there not being able to see the tracks, especially given the little washouts and bowing in the tracks you can see before they reach the thick growth.

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