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Alabama thunderstorm seen in night vision from a plane (VIDEO)

August 8, 2011 - 05:00 AM
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I would just shut the window and cry for mommy.

Some people chug miniature bottles of red wine and hope to pass out on their evening flights. Others, like YouTube denizen markopenguin, whip out the night-vision goggles and capture incredible views of storms that rival the bombing of Baghdad for stomach-punching intensity.

The penguin man was flying on Aug. 3 from Jackson, Miss., to Huntsville in Alabama when he noticed the window to his left lighting up like a Chinese New Year. Having in his possession a night-vision monocle and Samsung GALAXY Tab, he was in a prime position to document the aerial fireworks. That is one heck of an anvil-looking cloud lurking outside the window; perhaps it was the same one responsible for the people-trapping trees and fires in Alabama that night.

Stick around for the 4:15 mark, when blue jets shooting up into space from the top of the thunderclouds seem to make an impressive appearance. Says the videographer:

I'm very thankful to have been far enough away from those storms to have enjoyed getting to watch them without having to fight them! Within a couple hours of this video being taken, power was knocked out for much of town when the storms finally reached Huntsville! It even blew a Boeing 747 off its chocks and slid the nose 29 feet into a set of stairs causing significant damage!

Hat tip to ABC7's Alex Liggitt for finding this great video, which you can see after the jump.

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