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Colossal Aug. 17 Nebraska supercell will blow your mind (VIDEO)

August 19, 2011 - 05:00 AM
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Can you find the funnel cloud in this planetoid-sized thunderstorm cloud in Nebraska?

The storms that swept over the Midwest on Wednesday were ugly and primeval. Supercells unleashed baseball-sized "and even larger" hail onto sections of South Dakota's Interstate 90, bashing out windshields and halting traffic. Sixty or 70 m.p.h. wind gusts ripped trees from the ground and stripped the roofs off two barns in Kansas.

Near Mullen, Neb. – the "biggest little town in Hooker County" – an incredibly odd storm cloud formed in front of the eyes of Andy Gabrielson and Dick McGowan. It sort of looked like a clay pot made by the gods, perhaps on their first try at the wheel. The thing was misshaped but fierce-looking, and had already spurred the National Weather Service to issue one tornado warning.

The two men are behind the storm-chasing project, Find the Tornado. In this instance it seems like they might've found the tornado. A weakish funnel cloud appears to be spinning in the bottom righthand corner of the video. The whole planetoid-sized cloud is slowly spinning, too. Say the videographers:

Saw a funnel cloud near Cody, large hail near Mullen, and amazing storm structure south of Mullen, the back 3/4 of the video is time lapsed 4X speed...

Nebraska truly has the best storms. And it can keep them, too. For more tornadoes these guys are finding, visit their YouTube stream.

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