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More than 9,000 heat records broken or tied in July, 2011 (MAP)

August 5, 2011 - 12:55 PM
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Look at where the heat shot up to record levels last month in this eye-scorching map of the United States.

Heat records set in July 2011 form a crude portrait of our country. Above: daytime records, below: nighttime records.

Man, just looking at this map makes me want to sweat bullets. It's basically a visual representation of human misery during the month of July, 2011. (Hi-res version.) Each glowing dot shows where heat records were broken or tied; the top map shows daytime records and the bottom has nighttime ones. The deeper a dot's color the more records were set at that location. For instance, a deep orange pixel represents a city that had 23 nights of the month at or above record temperatures.

Add all the records up and you get nearly 9,000 instances of at-or-above extreme heat. Nighttime records far outpaced daytime ones at 6,171 versus 2,755. However, the National Climatic Data Center is still collecting stats from various weather stations. Expect a higher total of records when the center releases final results later this month.

Most scorched were Texas and its surrounding states, the Midwest and the Northeast. In the District, 25 days of the month were above 90 degrees, and on a whole temperatures for our July were more than 5 degrees above average. Let's not have a month like that again, agreed?

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