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Aftershock reported in wake of Virginia's 5.8-magnitude quake

August 23, 2011 - 03:16 PM
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An extraordinarily rare earthquake rumbled through Virginia Tuesday afternoon, and reports of damage from the National Cathedral, Old Soldier's Home and other structures are rolling in.

This will not be the worst of today's earthquake damage, but it's what we got so far.

If you felt the aftershock in D.C. from this afternoon's Virginia earthquake you must've had feet as sensitive as a cockroach's antennae. It occurred about 5 miles away from the quake's epicenter near Mineral, Va., around 2:45 p.m., and was "poorly" constrained with a depth of about 0.1 miles. (The quake itself hit at 1:51 p.m.) Expect a few more aftershocks as the day goes on, and perhaps even tomorrow. (Do not miss WJLA's live blog on the quake's aftermath.)

There are some interesting reports rolling in from around Virginia (although this thing was large enough to allegedly be felt from Boston to Atlanta). MOST interesting is this report from FOX news saying the Washington Monument might be "tilting." Definitely going down to the Mall later tonight to check that out, maybe try to push it back into place if it looks askance.

Here's what my dad sent earlier today from Cherrydale, Va.:

No damage to our house, but it was scary. House shook. Pots rattled, etc.
All of the neighbors outside with "what the hell" expressions.

The quake knocked off one of the spires atop the National Cathedral. Take a peek at this whaaaaa??? photo by Kate Adamson:

national cathedral earthquake damage spire

The D.C. fire department adds this report: "structural damage - Old Soldiers Home - 3700 N Cap St NW - bldg being evacuated - occupants moving to other bldgs on comple." 

Prince William County's government is reporting minor but widespread damage throughout the county, including many gas leaks. That's probably the case for most counties around D.C. Here are some more reports from WJLA/TBD readers. More to come:

Rachel Brumberger: I heard a thunderclap type sound along with the shaking. Live in a 9 story building in the 8 th floor where I felt the shaking and heard the noise. TVs and computer monitors were shaking. In Silver Sping, MD.

Ashley: My family and I just moved back from Yokosuka, Japan. We have been through many earthquakes over the last two and a half years. I am very impressed with how quickly the nuclear power plants were shut down!

Shane Beavers: Just saw picture of church steeple in Columbia Heights damaged... 13th and Monroe NW.


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