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WATCH: Fatal supercell with embedded tornado in Michigan

August 22, 2011 - 01:17 PM
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This cumbrous storm cloud spotted from Michigan's Iron Mountain spawned a tornado on Aug. 19 that killed one person in Marinette, Wisc.

Ever seen one of those ultra-high-speed photos of a drop of milk hitting a flat surface? Magnify that effect a billion times and you get this mountainous thunderstorm cloud that developed on Aug. 19 over Marinette, Wisc. You won't see a supercell like this in D.C. (although you definitely have a chance in Nebraska).

Jason Asselin filmed the gigantic puffball from a perch on Michigan's Iron Mountain. He says:

Seeing this storm as I sat behind my house in the alley was something else. I never imagined seeing something so beautiful yet deadly. Living in Upper Michigan, I have seen many storms but never anything like this. I lived over 7 years in Memphis, TN where I saw many tornadoes and severe storms, yet again never saw a formation of clouds like this.

What was gorgeous from afar was terrible from within: This storm dropped an EF-1 tornado that carved a barren trail eight miles long through Marinette. Screaming winds as fast as 105 m.p.h. ripped apart a trailer and killed a man inside, a 43-year-old Douglas Brem.

So where is this tornado in the below video? Asselin says: "My best guess would say on the right side of the picture, where the smaller cells are erupting alone"

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