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A new way to access forecast details straight from your TV (VIDEO)

September 26, 2011 - 08:43 AM
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You may have noticed the funny looking design on the upper right of the morning weather graphics. It's called a QR Code, and I'll explain what it is and how you can benefit from it.

Skip to the video below if you'd rather watch than read, otherwise...

During the morning news, I have very limited time to chat about the weather and prepare you for the days ahead. In turn, I am forced to exclude certain aspects of the forecast, so I've come up with a quick and easy way for you to obtain that information through the use of QR codes.

A QR code is essentially a modern day bar code, and it may look familiar from print advertisements and magazine articles. It's a unique code that anyone with a smart phone or tablet can scan using one of many free apps (search "QR code reader" in the app store). For example, scan this code with your smart phone or tablet, and it will take you directly to a blog I created earlier today, which explains our weather pattern in more detail than what I had time to show on-air:



QR Code - Scan it!


The QR codes can be scanned directly from your television (works best in HD) and will take you directly to a video, blog or website with weather information supplementing what you see on TV. I change the link daily, and if you notice a new color to the code throughout the day, it means I've directed it to new information.  The extra information isn't exclusive to the QR code as it can often be found on my facebook page, our website or through a youtube video, but the QR code makes it easy to find, so you can view the additional information as you step out the door. Watch this video to learn how to utilize this technology and to see it in action:






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