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Bye bye, cold: D.C. weather is warming up this week

September 20, 2011 - 05:00 AM
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Advanced weather tech from ABC7 has opened a rift in time and divined the weather of the not-so-distant future. It's warm!

The weather in D.C., Maryland and Virginia will get kinda caliente this week, with temperatures possibly in the 80s on Thursday. Pictured: very nicely spaced contrails over Roosevelt Island.

Cram those fleeces back into the closet! This week brings a cheery surprise in the form of a steamy serving of hot temperatures.

Advanced weather tech from ABC7 has opened a rift in time and sampled the weather of the not-so-distant future. A Bermuda High is encamping off the East Coast, pumping reservoirs of moist, pecan-scented Southern air up to Washington, D.C. Temperatures will ascend today into the mid-70s, making Monday’s 70-degree high at Reagan a pathetic memory. The gusty influx will carry a chance of showers, particularly north of the city in the morning and in the mountains later in the day.

Peering farther into the future-mists, this warming trend appears to continue into Wednesday, with a bump near 79 degrees. It finally reaches a climax on Thursday with a potential high of 81 degrees. Cloud cover looks thick and foreboding throughout this time period, helping the temperatures stay fixed in this pleasant place on the thermometer. For folks willing to travel for their calefaction, like snakes seeking a hot rock, the shores of the Chesapeake Bay should be among the sultriest places in the region.

The time/weather continuum begins to develop uncertainty after Thursday, however, with the gloomy incursion of another cold front possible by the weekend. Still, don’t expect any wild swings in temperature like D.C. got last week. Everything appears to be happening in moderation for now.

That’s not typical of the nation as a whole, which has experienced recent weather extremes. On Sept. 15, it snowed on top of Mauna Kea, Hawaii’s venerated volcano. Boaters in Alaska yesterday faced down hurricane-force winds of 65 knots near the Barren Islands, home of tube-nosed birds. And in South Dakota, firefighters are on heightened alert for grassland wildfires that could “spread quickly becoming erratic with extreme behavioral characteristics,” according to a National Weather Service alert for “extreme fire danger.”

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