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Landslide knocks truck off a cliff in Taiwan (VIDEO)

September 27, 2011 - 05:00 AM
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In this installment of Humanity v. Weather, a giant wave of dirt knocks a driver off a road and down into a gorge. Surprise!

Nature can be cruel.

Weather: Never above resorting to dirty tactics to win a fight over Humanity.

In this case, a driver rolls along a cliffside byway in June in Taiwan's Hsinchu County (supposedly! I haven't found confirmation on the details) when he or she notices a small pile of rubble lying on the side of the road. Distracted, the driver makes a small detour around the debris. A little too slowly, it turns out: The next second the mountain sends an ungodly wave of mud, dirt, rocks and trees rocketing down upon the road, sweeping the truck off the side of the gorge.

Weather wins by a knockout, with luck not a fatal one: The YouTube description includes this translation, allegedly from a CTV news report:

Hsinchu County Bureau of Sinpu team leader Gan Zhiming, driving a pickup truck on Friday intended to return Chienshih home, but suddenly encountered unexpected mountain walking*, so a huge piece of debris avalanche, Gan Zhiming even be overturned car with people fell to 200 meters deep in the hillside, and good scare, Gan Zhiming relying on willpower, climb thirty minutes before climbing out rescued from the debris pile.

* Love that term! For past bouts in Humanity v. Weather, here is the vault.

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