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Black bear cub lost in a supermarket – must be fall (VIDEO)

October 20, 2011 - 05:00 AM
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A baby bear wanders into an Alaskan grocery store, and cutesy chaos reigns.

Alaska's Tatsuda's IGA has a full line of quality products: strawberries and shiny apples, halibut cheeks and smoked black cod, jojos (or potato wedges) and baby black bears so fresh they're literally crawling all over the produce aisle.

This great little video was shot on Saturday in Ketchikan, a town about 300 miles south of Juneau. A confused baby bear wandered into the supermarket and promptly freaked the heck out. So it ran to a quiet place where it could stress snack, right among cool mounds of vegetables in the produce aisle. The furball seemed to be on its best behavior with no pooping going on, although toward the end it did break down into a wee screaming fit.

According to the Ketchikan Daily News, a meat-department manager "responded to the PA announcement with a net because he misheard the announcement to say there was a bird in the store." Another man grabbed the critter and carried it out of the store after rightly determining that you don't take a net to a claw fight. Fortunately for him, the mother was not price-comparing salmon steaks nearby in the seafood department.

Thirsty for more bear news? Well, on Monday a driver struck and killed a sow in Suffolk, Va. Animal-control experts tranquilized two cubs, presumably her babies, hiding in a tree. One cub descended and the other climbed higher, eventually tumbling 40 feet back down to earth. (It was fine, says the Virginian-Pilot.) Authorities have noticed bear activity in the D.C. region as early as June, when several of the shambling creatures were spotted on roads and trails in Fairfax.

Adorable ursine footage follows the jump.

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