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Brave (or dumb) driver floats through Russian floods (VIDEO)

October 24, 2011 - 05:00 AM
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What are the chances that alcohol was involved in this incident?

Hmm. Road's flooded. Better turn around.

OR: I could take this ratty length of rope in my trunk, and tie it to the bumper of the next truck that passes by. Cars float, right?

This footage from earlier this month shows miserable road conditions in Sochi, a Russian resort city on the coast of the Black Sea and host to the XXII Olympic Winter Games. Sochi has a flooding problem, as evident in this other video in which cars also honk constantly. The dude in the below video wasn't going to let that prevent him from getting to the hospital for his wife's delivery. I'm just guessing it was an emergency situation like that and not that the bar was closing in 15 minutes.

At one point, he seems to be paddling with his hand. Then he gets out of the window and climbs on top of the car, revealing that he is not wearing pants. This incident represents all kinds of win for Weather against Humanity. It's especially great how toward the end of the video Huckleberry Finnovsky berates the driver of the truck, as if this somehow was his idea.

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