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Eleven months since this kind of weather

October 10, 2011 - 05:53 AM
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The term "There's not a cloud in the sky!" hasn't rung this true in D.C. in nearly a year. It has been quite a while since we've had a stretch of sunshine like the past few days.

It's not often that we have total sunshine without even a cloud in the sky, and before this recent stretch of sunny weather, the last time we pulled it off was November 2010. The official amount of sunshine on a given day is measured in tenths of cloud cover, so zero tenths (0/10) is considered completely cloud-free. Sky cover from zero tenths to three tenths (3/10) is considered "clear" according to the National Weather Service's preliminary monthly climate data

The maximum cloud cover on any given day from last Wednesday through Saturday was 1/10 with Wednesday and Saturday being completely clear featuring 0/10 cloud cover. For the record, Sunday was considered 4/10 cloud cover at Reagan National Airport (DCA) as we had some cirrus clouds in the sky. The last time we had total sunshine, or 0/10 cloud cover, was November 11th, 2010, so D.C. went almost a year without a completely cloud free day.

Today will be another beautiful day featuring a lot of sunshine, but you will notice some high, thin clouds streaming overhead as our weather pattern begins to shift. The clouds will increase considerably on Tuesday with widespread rain expected by Wednesday.


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