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WATCH: Dust storm strongly objects to Arizona couple's wedding

October 26, 2011 - 12:03 PM
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An outdoor ceremony probably seemed like a nice idea, until the haboob arrived.

Wedding days: On these (fingers crossed!) once-in-a-lifetime occasions, you really want to create some special memories. In the case of groom Gus Luna, his memory was this:

God. We’re eating a mouthful of dirt and everything.

That's what Luna told ABC News after he and bride, Jennifer Luna, nearly got blown away from their outdoor ceremony by a dust storm. The video of their sandblasted wedding on Sept. 10 in Florence, Ariz., featuring the Lunas grimacing through their vows as hard grains of silicate sprayed their faces, quickly went viral. Perhaps that's because it looks like they're in Iraq under the furiously beating blades of a Black Hawk helicopter, or maybe because they're also trying to perform a "sand ceremony," a cute rite involving the pouring of colored sands into one jar.

Anyway, the look on the new husband's face at the end like he just competed an Ironman triathlon, is pure comedy gold. Thanks, Arizona Wedding Video! Now, who wants a slice of grit cake?

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