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WATCH: Pod of blue whales suddenly surfaces around kayaker

October 20, 2011 - 12:39 PM
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A peaceful kayaking excursion off California's Redondo Beach turns into an adrenaline-pumping meetup with the biggest animals on earth.

Lions, tigers, bears... yeah, let's not talk about those. Instead, why don't we focus on what's still alive: In this case, whales! Fleshy, bubble-spurting nuclear submarines that surface right next to you when your guard is nonexistent.

This man was kayaking a few days ago off Redondo Beach in California when his head-cam picked up black movement to the left. Drivers might compare it to having a multivehicle accident unfold in the periphery of their vision; something unusual and ominous was happening. Within seconds an immense blue whale has broken through the glassy sea surface, so close as to give the kayaker a finny high-five. That's just the beginning of this adventurer's journey into a pod of roiling, lunging whales.

While most people would be content to drift among the plankton-sucking behemoths, hands gripping the sides of the watercraft for dear life, this guy wants to play in the waves with them. Or rather under the waves, seeing how his camera is waterproof. The footage of these torpedoes of blubber materializing in the murk is either spectacular or terrifying, depending on how you feel about immense creatures lurking below your helpless feet. Blue whales are the largest creatures on earth and among the most gentle, although it's easy to forget that last fact when they look like a freakin' building falling on you.

The kayaker also maintains a page of ocean photography that's well worth a glance. And here's a video of him owning lobsters on the sea floor. He must eat pretty well with those skills.

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