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WATCH: Waves on Lake Michigan take out joggers, bikers

October 3, 2011 - 02:01 PM
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Towering waves as high as 25 feet were reported on Lake Michigan this Friday. Yet, some exercisers decided to take them on.

Hugging that wall ain't going to help you, dude. These waves mean business.

This was the scene along Lake Michigan's shore in Chicago on Friday, where winds and the lake's swollen volume pushed waves up to insane heights. Of course, some bikers and joggers have the insane need to power through any obstacle, and this is the result: A great short video that encapsulates man's failure against the unbeatable force of weather. Add some "Yakety Sax," and it's pretty funny, too.

The National Weather Service recorded waves as tall as 25 feet in northwest Indiana on Friday, according to the Chicago Tribune. Says the hog butcher for the world's paper of note:

When the wind blows strong from the north, it can create a several-hundred-mile "fetch," the length of open water that allows the creation of waves. When those winds are strong, as they were Thursday, the waves increase in intensity as they move south. By the time the waves reach the far south end of the lake, they can be very high and powerful, experts said.

The punishing lake environment has already claimed the life of one swimmer. Read more about that here.

Eh, life, schmife: The waves still weren't high enough to deter this jet skier:

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