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Alien storms: What's the weather like on other planets? (VIDEO)

November 3, 2011 - 02:09 PM
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What if earth suddenly experienced the world-spanning dust storms of Mars or the titanic fury of Jupiter's Red Spot?

Be thankful for the planet you live on, I believe is the message of this intriguing exploration of space weather. (No, not that kind.) Our haboobs aren't bad: Martian haboobs are bad. They might begin as a dust devil and then split and migrate until the horizon is obliterated by swirling tornadoes of red sand. The equivalent, as the video notes, would be our entire planet getting covered by one massive dust storm. And then there's the angry Red Spot of Jupiter, which if sized down to our scale would cover one-third of the Atlantic Ocean. The storm force of this thing would literally blow away buildings, Bruckheimer style. Remind me again why we want to go there?

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