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Slippery bridge causes total automotive carnage (VIDEO)

November 7, 2011 - 01:31 PM
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Curvy overpass + slushy roads = the Grand Prix of Hydroplaning!

The purported location of this footage varies from Russia to China to (now) Thailand, where people are dealing with historic flooding by making makeshift boats to float out of town, but the effect on the viewer is always the same: amusement tempered with dread upon realizing these cars are spinning on an overpass high above the ground. A curved roadway sited right after a tunnel exit doesn't seem like the best example of shrewd urban design to begin with. Add in a few inches of standing water or slush, to judge from the snow in the background, and you get the perfect setup for epic hydroplaning. These drivers are totally out of control from the moment they exist the tunnel until their wheels regain traction on the pavement, which usually occurs after the car dings off of a railing or stalled vehicle like a one-ton pinball.

In this skirmish of Humanity v. Weather, weather emerges laughing maniacally.

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