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The beat goes on: yet another spectacular day

November 25, 2011 - 11:40 AM
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This may be a Black Friday in the commercial world, but with hardly a cloud in the sky, call it a Bright Friday  meteorologically!  Aiming for the 60s yet again today.

This Afternoon: Sunny & Pleasant

Highs: 61-67 | Wind: SW 5 mph

Tonight: Mostly Clear & Chilly

Lows: 33-40 | Wind: SW 5 mph

Saturday: More Sunshine and Warmer Still

Highs: 63-68 | Wind: S 5-10 mph

Thanksgiving leftovers never looked better!  After the bounty of yesterday - 61 degree warmth, cloudless skies, and light breezes - having the same fare today only enhances the flavor.  With high pressure still influencing the midatlantic, these days of late autumnal warmth are likely to last through much of the holiday weekend.  This 6th consecutive day of 60 degrees or higher has reversed the month's chilly start and should guarantee a warmer than normal average for November.  An approaching low pressure system and attendant colder air will sweep toward the east coast on Sunday bringing with it cloudier skies and the chance of some late day showers.  Just as rain complicated some travel plans on Wednesday, so too might it for late travelers on Sunday.  Highs on Sunday should still be in the 60s.  Starting Monday, the season will revert to type as daytime highs plummet to just near 50 degrees and don't budge much for the rest of the week.  Of course it will be December by Wednesday and leftovers don't last forever!

NOTE: Yesterday wasn't the warmest Thanksgiving ever - that was in 2007 when the mercury soared to 77 degrees - but it was arguably one of the best.  In the past 139 years of record keeping, the coldest Thanksgiving was the 18 degree day in 1902, the snowiest was in 1989 when 1.9" fell, and just about half the turkey days were precipitation-free. It may not be headed for the record books, but many thanks for Thanksgiving, 2011, a holiday that just kept on giving!

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