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WATCH: Hailstorm takes out wrath on car dealership

November 2, 2011 - 05:36 AM
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There's hardly a windshield left after a violent hailstorm rolled over this Saskatchewan auto lot.

Better call Geico!

This edition of Humanity v. Weather is brought to you by some poor freakin' auto dealership in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, quite fittingly named the "Land Of Living Skies." (It's also a haven for hantavirus.) The aerial barrage ostensibly occurred in the town of Carlyle last August, when tornado warnings were a'poppin' and "baseball-sized hail" was reducing windshields to glassy rubble.

There even looks to be evidence of rare sideways hail on the red car at the end of the video: holes punched clean through the back passenger windows! I guess this answers what side nature is on when it comes to the whole Chevy/Ford debate.

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