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Crazy video: High winds in Utah roll over 10 trucks in 10 miles

December 2, 2011 - 02:30 PM
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With winds as fast as 150 m.p.h., Thursday was not a good day to be haulin' a load across the southwest U.S.

Thursday was not a good day to be haulin' a load across the southwest U.S. Ferocious Santa Ana winds shooting through mountain scrub as fast as 150 m.p.h. formed a potent meteorological battering ram, pushing over semi-trucks like a petulant toddler playing with his toys. Being atop the Sierra Nevadas on Dec. 1, 2011, was like standing on the bow of a ship headed into a Category 4 hurricane. In other words, not fun.

In West Bountiful, Utah, gusts were more than bountiful at 92 m.p.h. (Here's a "gust map" from yesterday.) The result: Widespread carnage on the state highways. Look at this video taken by a driver who should probably have had both hands on the wheel instead of filming. He counts 10 truck rollovers in 10 miles. So if you're wondering why your CVS hasn't restocked your favorite brand of shampoo, it is probably because the shipment is cruising through the southwest badlands like so much tumbleweed:

The Santa Ana winds have since diminished, leaving behind a jumbled wake of damage media. For more videos from this terrifying wind storm, follow the jump.

This shaken soul writes on YouTube:

I woke up December 1st 2011 to the sound of my neighbors roof being peeled away with what turned out to be almost hurricane strength winds. We lost power at about 7 A.M. so I turned on our generator and left the house to get some extra gas. The following is what I shot with my phone video camera. Be patient, the last few minutes are of all the turned over trucks on the freeway. Ive seen many wind storms in my life, but never one quite like this one.

And notglossy caught a weird light show happening on Nov. 30 as 70 m.p.h. winds raced through the streets of Los Angeles. The alien fireworks on the horizons are transformers giving up the ghost. There sure are a lot of them; about 250,000 people lost power that night:

And finally, skip ahead to the 0:35 mark in this ABC news report for incredible footage of what being inside a wind storm looks like. There is so much debris flying through the air that witnesses might be forgiven for thinking a tornado has touched down.

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