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Swedish musician destroys drums made from ice (VIDEO)

December 5, 2011 - 05:00 AM
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This membranophonic mauling took place in the frigid confines of the ICEHOTEL, a guesthouse in Sweden made from giant blocks of ice.

Whaddaya know: The ICEHOTEL in Sweden, a frozen palace that opened for its 22nd consecutive year on Saturday, has an in-house drummer. Just don't make him mad.

Too late! This elven-haired slammer somehow obtained a super-special set of ice skins that reverberated nicely in the subzero confines of the all-ice hotel. So what does he do? Like a Scandinavian Peter Criss settling a contract dispute, he utterly beats them into cocktail cubes. No letting the encroaching warmer temperature of the summer steal his thunder.

The drummer is Matz Robert Eriksson, who played for the garage-rock outfit the Hellacopters. Who are they?

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