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Forget Chuck Taylors or Jordans, I want the new KD Weathermans!

December 1, 2011 - 06:00 AM
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Kevin Durant's latest shoe is designed to look like doppler radar output! Can you say go Thunder?

Let's just show it to you right out of the gates. Kevin Durant's KD IV with the "Weatherman" colorway. From a weatherman's perspective, pretty sweet. Not sure what the lines represent (i.e. equal pressure, heights, temps, etc) so I doubt an actual meteorologist was consulted for the design. Still a shoe that would catch a few odd stares while tickling the nylon at the local gyms. I've already had a few comments from friends asking if he developed these for the Oregon Ducks Basketball Team. Now I personally would feel more like a ninja turtle in these, which is fine, because I loved them growing up.


KD IV Weatherman Shoe

Here's another look from the other side and one from the bottom. I really like the bottom where you can see a nice little squall line about to form. It may even be beginning to bow out a bit.

Another view of the KD IV Weatherman


Final view of the KD IV Weatherman
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