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Slippery stairs doom Russians to weeks of butthurt (VIDEO)

December 20, 2011 - 01:57 PM
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The pelvic fracturing is almost audible.

In the Machiavellian battle of Humanity V. Weather, the warfare is cruel and constantly evolving: Weather harnesses the power of a tropical storm to crush a parking garage full of cars, for example, while mankind pollutes river water until it turns the color of hog blood.

But sometimes the tactics are more subtle. Take this amateur film, presumably from Russia, showing lines of unassuming humans tottering and toppling on a slippery stairway landing. You can almost hear the pelvises fracturing. Why the videographer didn't warn these people is anybody's guess. Perhaps he just needed some really metal footage to dub a soundtrack to.

According to Russian news outlet E1, this video got the stairway designer into some trouble for the genius idea of laying a slab of granite where it snows. Here's part of the garbled Google translation:

Video, shot from the underpass on the street in Ekaterinburg Weiner, looked not only citizens, but the prosecutor's office. Clip in two minutes under the title "architect and contractor Debilizm" begins with the phrase "What happens if the underpass make a floor of polished granite?".

In the picture you can see how one after the other falling people. Can not stay on his feet nor adults nor children.


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