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WATCH: Russian rocket burns up in the skies on Christmas Eve

December 27, 2011 - 05:00 AM
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A Russian rocket decaying in the atmosphere on Dec. 24 created a faux-comet that blazed spectacularly across the night sky. See what it looked like here.

What's this – did Santa just hit the nitrous boosters?

Nope. As mentioned here earlier, Santa likes to keep a low profile; he was probably using a radar-eluding rubber sleigh this year. What you're seeing in the below video as a streak of fire paints the night sky is a Russian rocket that reentered the atmosphere on Dec. 24, creating a Christmas Eve miracle of wonder and terror that few witnesses are likely to forget.

The rocket fell back to the Earth after achieving its purpose several days earlier of putting a Soyuz vessel carrying astronauts into contact with the International Space Station. The decaying rocket burst into flames as bright as burning magnesium over Germany and soon looked like a god's-honest comet putting the smackdown on our planet. (Another great video.) It eventually tore into a confetti of sparkling debris before waning from view.

Check out this blazing wonder from Germany:

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