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Flying wads of sea foam cover roads, cars in Britain (VIDEO)

December 30, 2011 - 02:09 PM
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A nasty sea storm turned a firehose of flying scum onto parts of the U.K. this week.


Oooh, look Ma, it's snowing! Let me just go and catch a snowflake on my tongue.... yuuurrrgk!

Turns out the off-white wads you see flying around in the below video are not abnormally large snowflakes. They are clumps of sea foam being blown around by fierce gusts this Wednesday in Cleveleys, near Blackpool on the Irish Sea. There was enough of it in the air to make driving dangerous. Sofalike drifts of scum piled up as high as three feet in places.

The gag-inducing tempest was caused by tiny ocean creatures breaking down into protein and fat to make the ocean into a nutrient-rich biological milkshake. The wind then churned the water into a froth that it threw like Cool Whip onto the U.K. shoreside. Local carwashers no doubt had a record day.

If you ever want to see firsthand how this interesting substance forms, there's a magical vacation waiting in a trip to Spume Island. (Kudos to CWG's Jason Samenow for finding this delightful video.)

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