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WATCH: Dashcam footage shows man trapped in car during tsunami

December 12, 2011 - 02:28 PM
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A man records from within his car as the March 2011 Tohoku tsunami sweeps him into a river of death.

Do you think you could escape an incoming tsunami with no warning? There are plenty of buildings and trees in the typical urban setting. Why not climb up one of those and play barnacle until the seas recede?

Sometimes it's not that easy, as seen in this disturbing footage of the March 11, 2011, tsunami posted over at Scientific American. As the man behind the wheel leaves his dashcam running, millions of tons of displaced salt water begins to creep over the roadway as a light stream. Within seconds, though, several feet of water has pushed through and cars are bobbing like corks in a whirlpool. At this point the driver makes the critical decision to stay inside his car and let the new river take him where it may. A woman who ventured out into the deluge was also apparently carried away by the tsunami, although without the protective shell of a car. It's unclear whether she survived.

Did the driver make the right choice? Take a watch below and see.

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