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Daily High Temperatures At Night? How Often This Has Been Happening

January 24, 2012 - 07:45 PM
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You normally think of high temperatures occuring in the afternoon, right?  Take a look at how often highs occured around midnight.

What a difference a day makes!  The district was a good 10 degrees warmer than yesterday (and that's just comparing the daily highs). 






It actually feels a lot warmer than yesterday, since temperatures through most of the day, yesterday, were only in the 30s!  Yesterday's high of 44 degrees was recorded at 11:59 PM.  So that got me, and a few other ABC7 meteorologists, thinking.  Hasn't this "high at midnight" occurence been more prevalant over the past month or so?  I figured I'd take a look just out of idle curiousity. 

Normally high temperatures occur in the afternoon when we've recieved the most amount of daylight, but approaching weather systems can certainly have an impact on this.  A perfect example was yesterday.  It was chilly, drizzly, and gray all day.  As a warm front lifted over the region, temperatures started to climb.


So the high temperature for yesterday hit at midnight.  How often, since December 1, 2011 has this occured? 

From the chart above, you can see the high has occured at or around (plus or minus 2 hours) midnight 9 times over the course of 54 days.  That doesn't sound very impressive, but when you consider highs are usually reached during the afternoon it makes it more of an anomaly.  What's a little more interesting is the high has hit at midnight 8 out of 24 days in January.   Also, check out the two 60 degree highs we had at midnight!  Talk about a mild winter's night! 
There isn't much climate data that keeps a tally of this information, but it was something the ABC7 weather team had been noting and I figured I'd take a closer look.  All I have to say is I wouldn't mind having those 60 degree high temperatures during the day more often in winter!
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