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2 Days Left of February -- Will It Be The Warmest Winter On Record?

February 28, 2012 - 05:00 AM
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The mild temperatures this winter have been quite the buzz in DC.  So as we near the end of the month, and meteorological winter, will we get to say this winter is the warmest ever?

Monday brought another round of warmer than average temperatures, as highs soared into the mid 60s in some locations.  Look at the map below to see how much higher than average temperatures were yesterday.  For the last two days of February, highs will be at, or near, average.

As of yesterday, winter has an average high of 43.5°.  So what does this mean, in regard to this year's winter?  Well, the average winter, in DC, is 38.2°, so we're about 5.3° above average.  Seems like a lot of numbers here, I know, but it will all come together.  Trust me.  Here's a chart of the top three warmest winters on record.

The warmest winter on record was set in 1932 with an average high of 44.6°, which was 6.4° above average.  Second place was 6.1° above average and back in 2002, winter was 5° above average. 

Getting back to this winter, as of yesterday, DC is 5.3° above average.  If February ended yesterday, it would go on record as the third warmest winter.  But February's not over yet!  We still have two days to go.  So how is this going to affect our potential third place standing??

Well, after computing forecast highs and lows for today and tomorrow it looks fairly likely we'll at least tie for the 3rd place standing.  Now there is a chance we could beat 2002's average, but looks like we'll just have to wait and see.  Regardless, the fact that this winter could be the 3rd warmest winter on record, since 1871, is pretty impressive to me. 

Two days left... let's see what happens.

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