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A look ahead to March, by the numbers

February 29, 2012 - 04:15 AM
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Meteorological Winter ends on Thursday as we turn the calendar to March. Here's a look at some of the averages and extremes for the month.

March can be a very active month through the D.C. area with everything from thunderstorms to snow storms possible. The month averages 1.3 inches of snow and 3.43 inches of precipitation. The difference between the record high and record low is 89 degrees which is only behind December and January, so variability is common. Just in the past 5 years temperatures have been recorded in the lower 80s as well as the teens. Here's a look at the month as a whole including the averages, extremes, past 5 years and a look to the March we have ahead of us.

Monthly Averages:

1st - High: 51      Low: 34    Sunrise: 6:40am    Sunset: 6:01pm

31st - High: 61    Low: 42    Sunrise: 6:54am    Sunset: 7:31pm



Warmest Day - 93 degrees (23rd, 1907)

Coldest Day - 4 degrees (4th, 1873)

Snowiest Day - 11.5 inches (29th, 1942)

Snowiest Month - 19.3 inches (1914)

Wettest Month - 8.84 inches (1891)

Driest Month - 0.05 inches (2006)


There have only been 5 records in the past 10 years:

Record high 78 degrees (10th, 2006)

4.5 inches of snow (2nd, 2009)

1.79 inches of rain (16th, 2007)

1.85 inches of rain (23rd, 2005)

1.95 inches of rain (20th, 2003)


DCA (Reagan) Snowfall Normal vs. Extremes

Here's a look at all of March's averages, extremes and everything inbetween.


Past 5 years at a Glance:

2011 - Warmest - 80 degrees on the 18th

Coldest (low temperature for the day) - 27 degrees on the 3rd

Snowfall: 0.2 inches

Random Fact: 2.86 inches of rain from the 6th through the 10th


2010 - Warmest - 76 degrees on the 21st

Coldest (low temperature for the day) - 33 degrees on the 27th

No Snowfall

Random Fact: Above 70 degrees on the 18th through 21st


2009 - Warmest - 76 degrees on the 29th

Coldest (low temperature for the day) - 14 degrees on the 3rd

Snowfall: 5.5 inches (1st and 2nd) 

Random Fact: The 2nd - 4th had lows below 20 degrees


2008 - Warmest - 74 degrees on the 28th

Coldest (low temperature for the day) - 29 degrees on the 9th

No Snowfall

Random Fact: The lowest high for the month was 46 degrees on the 9th


2007 - Warmest - 83 degrees on the 27th

Coldest (low temperature for the day) - 20 degrees on the 6th and 8th 

Snowfall: 1.9 inches

Random Fact: 7 Days were 70 degrees or higher


A Look Ahead:

A look at the graphic below shows the Climate Prediction Center's thoughts on the month of March with temperatures well above normal from the Plains to the East Coast. Above normal precipitation is expected for the Midwest but they think it should be below normal for the southeast. I think we'll actually start off the month cool and wet by the 3rd but gradually take over with warmer than normal temperatures. As far as precipitation, I do think we will be right around normal. Do I think the D.C. area will see snow this month? Nope. I think we're done as far as that's concerned. I still think it is safe to say we will fall into the 30s during the month though I'll go out on a limb and say we'll push 80 degrees by later in the month.

One Month Temperature Outlook from the CPC


One Month Precipitation from the CPC


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